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Naloxone Saves Lives


Our staff are trained to distribute Naloxone kits, which can reverse the effects of opiate overdose.

Naloxone has the potential to save lives and is increasing being accepted as a valuable intervention in efforts to reduce overdoses and drug related deaths.

Naloxone is a Heroin ‘Antidote’

  • An ‘antidote to heroin’
  • Temporarily reverses the effects of an opiate overdose
  • It is short acting – wears off quickly
  • Overdose can last for 8 hours or more (especially with methadone)
  • Naloxone can begin to wear off after 20 mins
  • No effect on overdoses resulting from the use of other drugs
  • No potential for abuse
  • Naloxone precipitates WITHDRAWAL – the individual may want to use again straight away or become aggressive
  • Monitoring required after initial administration

How Naloxone Can Help

  • Reduce morbidity and mortality associated with drug use
  • Promote harm reduction by disseminating appropriate equipment and information
  • Improve health and social care for drug users and their carers
  • Enhance service provision for service users
  • Provide consistent communication about the acute risks of drugs

Prenoxad Injection (Naloxone) can only be made available once the prescriber has assessed the suitability and competence of a client or representative to administer it in the appropriate circumstances.  It is legal to carry Prenoxad Injection (Naloxone) and it will not be confiscated by the police as long as the pack hasn’t been opened.

The law allows Prenoxad Injection (Naloxone) to be used by members of the public to save a life in an emergency.

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Please click on the following link for further information: Naloxone Saves Lives