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Mephedrone and other substances such as Naphryrone (NRG) and Methylone are stimulant drugs, chemically related to Amphetamine and Ecstasy, usually available in a white powder or occasionally capsules.


Mephedrone is commonly snorted (keyed), occasionally it is taken orally, either bombed (wrapped in a cigarette paper), or put into a drink.  It is also possible to inject Mephedrone.

Injecting increases the risk of overdose, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV (through sharing injecting equipment).


Mephedrone can cause breathing and heart rate to speed up, pupils to widen, appetite to lessen and a reduction in the need for sleep.  Users often report dry mouth and throat, sweating, nausea and increased muscle tension, especially in the jaw.

When snorted the effects will start almost immediately.  If taken orally effects start within an hour.

Mephedrone can give people feelings of increased energy and alertness.  Users can become more talkative and confident, often experiencing an increased sense of empathy and understanding.  Effects can last for a number of hours depending on amount taken, strength and purity.

Tolerance is a feature of Mephedrone use, with users having to increase the amount they use in order to achieve the desired effect.  It can be difficult to stop taking it, with users taking it repeatedly in one session in an attempt to achieve the feelings they initially experienced.  Prolonged, heavy use is associated with the desired effects being reduced or diminished.

Snorting can cause sore nasal passages, sometimes leading to nosebleeds.  Users often ‘bomb’ Mephedrone to avoid these problems.  Mephedrone use can also cause increased libido, but it may be difficult for males to achieve or maintain an erection.

The after effects or come-down from using Mephedrone can result in feelings of tiredness, lethargy and depression.  As a result of lack of food and sleep, long-term use can affect the immune system and result in a lowering of resistance to disease.  Long-term use is associated with symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations and feelings of paranoia.


Mephedrone is a Class B drug.

  • The maximum penalty for possessing a Class B drug is five years in prison and/or unlimited fine.
  • The maximum penalty for supplying a Class B drug is 14 years in prison and/or unlimited fine.

If prepared for injection Mephedrone becomes a Class A drug and the following penalties apply:

  • The maximum penalty for possessing a Class A drug is seven years in prison and/or unlimited fine.
  • The maximum penalty for supplying a Class A drug is life imprisonment and/or unlimited fine.



ways to avoid overdosing

 Ways to avoid overdosing


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