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Cutting Down



If you have been drinking heavily NEVER stop drinking suddenly, except under medical supervision. You should seek your doctors advice if you think that you are DEPENDENT, he/she can either admit you to hospital for a few weeks, refer you to a specialist or provide you with some medication to help you through the withdrawal. Even if you don’t want medical help it is sensible to get a check up, to see if you have damaged your health, as some problems (liver damage) can be made worse with EVERY extra drink that you take.

If you realise that certain situations or people trigger you drinking, try to analyse why you are turning to drink and start to look for different ways of dealing with those circumstances. Often talking things over with a sympathetic friend can help, as someone looking in from the outside can sometimes spot the cause of a problem when you yourself are too involved in it to see clearly. TEDS offers you the opportunity to access counsellors to assist you to do this.


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